Resilient woman

When I think about a woman, I get a picture of someone standing with many ropes pulling her. Some of these ropes are good and some of these ropes are bad. Sometimes she looks like one rope is tugging her in one direction while other times it looks like multiple ropes are pulling her in many different directions. Again, some ropes are good, some are just a part of life, and some are unfortunate.

Some Of These Ropes Represent:

  • Marriage

  • Children

  • Faith

  • Health

  • Finance

  • Time

  • Work

  • Family

  • Friends

  • Ministry

  • School

  • Goals

Other Ropes Can Also Represent:

  • Identity Crisis

  • Fear

  • Rejection

  • Shame & Guilt

  • Pain

  • Tragedy

  • Complacency

A strong woman, a blessed woman, and a powerful woman isn't devoid of the various parts of life that can weigh her down. She isn't devoid of tragedy. She isn't exempt of her responsibility and of picking up her cross. She isn't devoid of making plans for her life or devoid from dealing with time management and offense.

Life is life.

However, a blessed woman is a woman who in the midst of all this stuff being real, stands in spite of the pulling of the ropes. She stands knowing where her peace and strength comes from. She does not wish away seasons but instead plows through them, not in her own strength, but with a sisterhood, a collective group of daughters fighting for each other to see one another stand whether it be through the storms or the sunny days of life.

When I think of a blessed woman, I think of a RESILIENT WOMAN, who when the storms come may bend and may shake but she will not break because she stands in confidence of who she is, and the women who stand with her.

My passion is to see the woman rise and be resilient. The arrows of life may fly and shoot her way; they may puncture…they may wound… but they will not prevail.

Ps. Miriam Fleming


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