Open Heaven

Recently, I had a vision during a powerful weekend at our church. As I stood there I experienced what was to me, the obvious, tangible, thick-yet indescribable presence of God. Though my eyes were shut, it was as though they were wide open. I could see the crowd and I knew that HEAVEN WAS OPEN.

Suddenly, I saw a river rushing around our people and I knew immediately in that moment that it represented the Living Water, Jesus himself. I felt in my spirit Him saying, “Drink, drink of this water. Drink of me.” He wanted to refresh, to restore, to heal, to set free, and He wanted to satisfy the weary souls.

As I pray for each woman - I pray they would experience an OPEN HEAVEN:

- A refreshing that would be indescribable,

- A healing that would be undeniable

- A freedom that would be palpable,

where God’s daughters would experience the uninhibited power of God - the intimate love of Jesus.

Daughter, you are invited to an OPEN HEAVEN.

Ps. Miriam Fleming


About Pastor Miriam Fleming

Miriam Fleming is a dynamic, faith-filled, tell-it-the-way-it-is speaker that will challenge you to live up to your full potential. She and her husband Anthony have been married for 15 years and have three amazing children. Together they lead as Senior Pastors of Church Alive. Miriam is passionate about investing in the development of strong leaders, as well as building a culture of excellence and empowerment.

Miriam has hosted multiple women’s conferences and regularly hosts women’s gatherings focusing on building strong women for their families, workplaces, and communities. These gatherings exist for women to uncover their authentic self and to encourage them, in a world where failing is inevitable, to use their pitfalls as the platform to get where God has destined them to be.

In her free time, Miriam loves being surrounded by her close friends and family while eating good food around the table or watching a good old fashioned chick flick with some cookies and milk.


Community Outreach

We have been partnering with Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center all year long in helping them reach their vision of empowering women and families facing unexpected pregnancies to make healthy an well informed choices. They provide resources, services, and supplies to assist women and their families.

During our last event, through your generous donations, we were able to bless the center with over thirteen thousand diapers! We will once again be collecting diapers for this beautiful cause. You can bring your donation with you on November 30th. We are excited and looking forward to surpassing the amount of diapers collected at our last event!